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Our Story

From Africa to Ebeltoft

You might not think that Swaziland, Africa, and the deep woods of Värmland, Sweden, has a whole lot in common.

We believe it's a great combo!

But let's take it from the beginning.


Rasmus Jordt was born in Swaziland and later moved to Kenya where he was going to school in the middle of a coffee plantation.

This did not spark a coffee interest back then but has given a deep understanding of the origin of coffee that he brings into his everyday work today. After years in the restaurant business and education within marketing and entrepreneurship he went into coffee, and has stayed ever since.

Johanna Apelgren, textile engineer, coffee enthusiast and former barista, from Sweden, met Rasmus in Denmark. They now live in Ebeltoft together with their two dogs Fika and Mr. Bacon.


That we named our dog Fika (Swedish phenomenon, religion or word for coffee break) gives a hint about our passion for coffee and gatherings including this drink. 

That the other dog, Mr. Bacon, got to be the poster boy for the whole company, speaks more about our love for dogs than anything else.


Apelgren Jordt Coffee (AJC as we also call it) started as an idea about a small scale roastery but quickly developed into something greater.

Today AJC is still roasting but also offering consultancy like barista courses or machine calibration as well as running a coffee shop down by the harbour of Ebeltoft.

We are very much looking forward taking you all along our coffee journey, where flavour and community is the main focus.

All the best,

Johanna & Rasmus

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