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Updated: Nov 9, 2022

This is our take on a standard recipe and "how to" guide, for brewing our coffee on the delicate Hario V60...You may use it, but perhaps it will inspire you to develop your own original recipe along the way!

Setting up the HARIO V60 is as easy as i gets. But remember, creating coffee art takes time and patience.

Barista tip:

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast

In our oppinion a Hario V60 is a must have if you like to brew your own coffee at home. By brewing it on a Hario you will experience a much more delicate taste, and mouth feel, instead of a regular filter coffee. A modern way to do a standard filter coffee.

Gear you need:

- Hario V60 2cup dripper

- Hario 600ml range server

- Cafec 2 cup filters for Hario

- Coffee grinder (A good quality grinder is needed for maximum output in taste and texture)

- Coffee scale w/timer

- Goose neck kettle w/hot water

- Coffee beans (ex. our Ethiopian blend)

What to do?

Use our standard recipe for a great cup of coffee, but remember, all elements of the brewing process has a direct impact on the taste, aroma and mouth feel. So... Experiment!

The recipe:

Time from drip start to finish: 2:30 min aprox.

  1. Set your gear up at a level surface, where you have room to work

  2. Start out by grinding your coffee beans (17,5g) at your favourite grind setting (Medium filter grind for starters)

  3. Boil your water at aprox 92-94 degrees celcius.

  4. Place your scale on the table, server on top, Hario V60 dripper, and filter inserted.

  5. Wet your filter with hot water to get rid of any paper residue, which also will heat up your server. Empty the water from the server and place the Hario V60 dripper on top of the server again.

  6. Gently pour the freshly grinded coffee beans in the middle of the filter, make sure do distribute it evenly to keep it off the sides of the wet filter.

  7. FIRST POUR: The water should be at 92-94 degrees, check this before pouring. Now start your scale, and tare it at 0grams and 0 in time. Start the timer, and wetten the coffee in easy and calm circular movements until you reach 40grams showing on your scale. This is called the bloom. By doing this, you will help the coffee degassing, and prepare it for a correct and optimal extraction.

  8. SECOND POUR: At aprox. 30 seconds, or when the water has completely run through, we start pouring again. Begin pouring in a circular movement once more, until you reach aprox. 180 grams. Make sure you do not pour water directly on the filter. It will cause channels the water can run through without extraction the coffee correctly.

  9. THIRD POUR: Let the water run halfway through the coffee, it will take aprox. 20 sec. after you have stopped pouring the second pour. Pour again, reaching the 240grams, in a circular motion like you did at first- and second pour.

  10. When the water has completely run through, you will now have a delicious cup of filter coffee to start your day with!

Questions???? Write to us via social media, or visit us by the harbour!

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